No ai brevetti software!

Sotto la pressione del sistema dei brevetti e dei potenti lobbisti dell’industria, l’unione europea sta per commettere un grosso sbaglio: permettere il passaggio di una legge che renda legale i brevetti software.

Se questo dovesse accadere, il prezzo da pagare sar� altissimo. L’industria europea del software cadr� in mano a estorsori senza scrupoli. Un cartello di grosse compagnie distrugger� i competitori pi� piccoli. Di conseguenza, pagheremo tutti pi� soldi per software meno sicuro e di minor qualit�. Voi personalmente, i vostri affari, la vostra azienda, il vostro governo, voi tutti.

Ve ne accorgerete quando arriver� il conto.Quando qualcuno penetrer� nel vostro computer, quando le vostre e-mail verranno lette, e quando verranno rubati i dati di accesso al vostro conto in banca. Quando il vostro computer si bloccher� regolarmente. Quando lo spam non si fermer�. Quando i prezzi saliranno e le ditte chiuderanno. Quando dipendenti perderanno il proprio lavoro.

The Human Clock – About: “ shows a photograph of the current time, with the photo changing every minute of the day (all 1,440 occuring minutes on Earth!) Thus you end up with a rotating picture clock sorta deal.

How the time is actually displayed is a whole different matter. A lot of photos have the time written on a crummy cardboard sign, while other photos might have the current time in a more edible format, such as olives. There are photos below sea level and ones over two miles above sea level.

Many people viewing this website end up sending in their own clock pictures, be they in an airplane, installing brakes, or on a playground. There are clock pictures from all over the world ranging from Outback Australia to Canada to Pakistan to Antarctica to Italy to Brazil. Other people travel around the American Southwest and end up taking a clock photo on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.”

Crash Bonsai

CrashBonsai is the creation of John Rooney, an artist who is torn between the desire to create and destroy. Recently, he has been making bonsai plants, and combining them with model cars and trucks which he has creatively smashed and melted, to create “CrashBonsai,” little living car crash sculptures.

Available on a limited basis in some Boston area stores, you can see his work by visiting the web gallery. Now through this web site, he is offering his crashed car and truck models to bonsai gardeners who wish to use them as accessories for their own creations, making their own CrashBonsai.

Minty MP3

Tired of not being able to find cases for your projects? Stuck with those hideous ABS plastic RadioShack boxes? Try those ubiquitous tin boxes, not only do they block EMI, they come with free mints! Fresh breath and fresh design in one.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMedia Portal turns your PC in a very advanced Multi MediaCenter / HTPC.
It allows you to listen to your favorite music & radio, watch your video’s and DVD’s, view, schedule and record live TV and much more. You get Media Portal for free/nothing/nada/noppes and best of all it is opensource. This means anyone can help developing Media Portal or tweak it for their own needs!