Raiders end Jets’ run with 30-10 blowout
The Oakland Raiders found the surest road to the AFC championship game: Stay at home and avoid controversy.
No tuck rule. No snowy night games in New England. Instead, another victory against the New York Jets at the Black Hole.

I think we all owe Chad Pennington and the New York Jets a Standing Ovation! That’s right, a standing ovation.

It hurts to lose a game like that for the Fans. Now take all the built up frustration you’ve had all season. The emotions, the feelings of being so close to the long awaited Super Bowl appearance and then lose. Take all of that, bottle it up from every Jets fan and it wouldn’t even come close to how the Jets players feel right now.

Let the pain go. Take the high road. Don’t put down your Team. These Jets gave us some hope. Not only for this Year, but for many Years to come. I don’t want to hear how anyone choked. I don’t want to hear how Chad did this, or Chad cost us the game. If it wasn’t for Chad, we might be looking at the number 1 pick in April’s Draft.

Chad did have a bad game. I’m sure he’d be the first to admit it. What do you want from a rookie? He played great under some extremely hard situations. He lost Chrebet early, and was forced into passing situations against a fierce Raider defense in deafening surroundings. Chad will be fine. Let him learn and grow from this and he’ll come back even stronger.

This team played on the road against a GREAT Oakland team. No doubt about it. Sure we could have won the game, but Oakland rose to the occasion, played hard on both sides of the ball and outright beat us. No reason to point fingers, they simply outplayed us as a veteran team would in this situation.

So forget the name calling. Forget the shattered dreams for now. The 2002 NY Jets gave us a lot more than we expected a few Months ago, and they gave us the Future.

So try not to trash the Team, our Team on the boards or in public, or at work tomorrow. Get behind them, welcome them at the Airport, let them know what we really think of them. Just remember, as hard as it is on us, you can’t even imagine how hard it is for them. Do you have any idea what they’ve gone through all Year to get to this point?

If you can’t do this, if you can’t let the pain go and back your Team, then maybe you need to find another Team.

Thank you – New York Jets!