World’s First Robotic Guitar Tuner!

Questa � la cosa che avrei sempre sognato di avere!
Un’accordatore automatico per chitarre!!!

The String Master Robotic Guitar Tuner is unlike any guitar tuner you’ve ever used. Our robotic technology makes String Master the easiest, most fun to use guitar tuner available. The String Master Robotic guitar tuner is the cutting edge in guitar tuner technology.

All you do is hold the String Master robotic guitar tuner on each tuning peg and pluck the string. String Master listens to the sound and its powerful gear motor actually turns the peg for you until that string is tuned to perfect pitch.

The String Master robotic guitar tuner uses advanced microprocessor technology to sample the sound several times, eliminating harmonics and overtones that plague other guitar tuners and lead to inaccurate tuning. This makes StringMaster far superior to other guitar tuners.

String Master is also the only guitar tuner that can re-string your guitar; automatically unwinding the old string and winding the new string with a push of a button.

There is no other guitar tuner like this in the world!

Whether you are a professional musician or just picking up a guitar for the first time, you will find our robotic guitar tuner incredibly easy to use and dead-on accurate. The String Master robotic guitar tuner is simply the most amazing guitar tuner ever invented.