Final Goodbye to 2002 Season
2003-01-14 12:00:00

The most chilling aspect of the National Football League season is its end. There is a unique finality to it all.

In this case, the players return from a cross country trip, get maybe four hours of sleep, return to the complex, clean their lockers, attend a team meeting, and then meet with the press.

By nighttime, there is eerie silence.

When the Jets did speak Monday, they focused on some of their great seasonal achievements. After an ominous 2-5 start, the Jets earned their second consecutive playoff berth under Herman Edwards and won their first playoff game since the 1998 season. read more

Pennington struggles against Raiders
Chad Pennington’s passes were sailing high and off target. Or short and low. He still thought he’d lead the New York Jets to another victory.

After all the amazing things Pennington has pulled off this season, he couldn’t do it this time in the Jets’ 30-10 AFC playoff loss to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

“There’s a saying that as the quarterback goes, the team goes,” he said. “I didn’t go today. read more

Raiders end Jets’ run with 30-10 blowout
The Oakland Raiders found the surest road to the AFC championship game: Stay at home and avoid controversy.
No tuck rule. No snowy night games in New England. Instead, another victory against the New York Jets at the Black Hole.

I think we all owe Chad Pennington and the New York Jets a Standing Ovation! That’s right, a standing ovation.

It hurts to lose a game like that for the Fans. Now take all the built up frustration you’ve had all season. The emotions, the feelings of being so close to the long awaited Super Bowl appearance and then lose. Take all of that, bottle it up from every Jets fan and it wouldn’t even come close to how the Jets players feel right now. read more

10 linee guida per un sito “usabile”
Jakob Nielsen descrive un metodo basato sull’impiego di un insieme predefinito di euristiche – linee guida – come test di utilizzabilità: il compito di chi valuta è quindi identificare le caratteristiche delle interfacce che violano i principi di usabilità.

Nielsen raccomanda le seguenti dieci caratteristiche:

Visibilità dello stato del sistema: è molto importante mantenere gli utenti informati sullo stato delle loro azioni. Il sistema dovrebbe sempre tenere informati in tempo ragionevole gli utenti su quello che succede per mezzo di un feedback. read more

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