Mini meeting – l’esito – contiene riferimenti a partite NFL

Ecco un breve report del minimeeting di ieri sera per “celebrare” la
partenza di Gino verso San Diego per raggiungere BigAss Bernardoni ed il
buon Gierre.
Ritrovo alle 20.15 a Castellanza dove io e Gino ci presentiamo leggermente
alticci a casa di un eppi auar pesantuccio, sul posto ci attende (da almeno
45 minuti!!) Gegetheboxerdilana (per l’inverno) e alla spicciolata arrivano
Max Milehigh, Dedio Ste (e io credevo si chiamasse Dedioste) ed il buon Jani
tutto bello contento e felice.
Luogo dell’abbuffata e’ il ristorante/pizzeria La Conchiglia di Legnano dove
i primi sono serviti molto abb e tra una forchettata e l’altra si puo’ dare
inizio alle chiacchiere, ecco un sunto degli argomenti (in ordine sparso):
– sport inferiore (pochi minuti)
– football NFL dalla creazione ai giorni nostri (diverse ore)
– basket Nba degli anni 80/90 con massimo esperto Gege’ e Dedi ad ascoltare
in devoto silenzio
– dietro le quinte di un film porno (con descrizione da parte di Gege’ della
fine di un rapporto… da lacrime agli occhi)
– varie ed eventuali

Dopo aver saldato il conto e aver ricevuto una gradita telefonata dal
convitato di pietra ufficiale di ogni possibile meeting a cui non puo’
presenziare (Socio Bordin), ci siamo salutati e siamo rimasti tutti colpiti
dalla commozione dello sciur Grandi nel congedarsi da noi.
Ovviamente tutti i presenti hanno recepito lo spirito di tutto questo ed
hanno amabilmente salutato il partente verso il Superbowl con un sonoro:

— Giovanni (AKA John Hooks) Per conto dello Studio Catrame & Associates Ispa ueb Huddle Magazine Proud to be larva umana

Kentucky Biscuits
1 1/2 cups flour
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon sugar
1 Tablespoon baking powder
2/3 cup milk
1/3 cup vegetable shortening

Preheat oven to 220ºC. Sift together flour, salt, sugar and baking powder into mixing bowl. Make a well in the flour mix and add the milk. Add shortening and begin kneading with hands (to cut in) the vegetable shortening and flour in the milk until thoroughly mixed. Add milk, if needed to form, and mix. Turn onto floured board, and knead gently 6 to 8 times. Pat dough to 1/2-inch thickness. Cut into biscuits. Place on baking sheet and brown in oven 10-13 minutes. Makes about 9 biscuits.

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It won’t be long for Chad

One AFC scout said he was stunned by the lack of zip on some of Chad Pennington’s deep passes against the Raiders. Oakland secondary coach Ron Lynn said, in his pre-game film study of the Jets, he noticed that Pennington’s long balls tended to float.

Some people around here are acting as if this is some kind of revelation. As Herman Edwards would say, “Hello?” Pennington never was billed as a strong-armed quarterback, remember?

Pennington enjoyed so much success this season because of uncanny accuracy, good decision-making and a system that fits his abilities. He also was well-schooled by coordinator Paul Hackett.

When Pennington throws deep, his accuracy drops significantly. In the regular season, he completed only 11of43 attempts (26%) on balls that traveled at least 21yards in the air, and four of his six interceptions came on throws of that distance. Against the Raiders, his first interception was a 23-yard fade to Laveranues Coles.

Raiders S Anthony Dorsett said he was surprised the Jets didn’t use as many spread formations in the third quarter as they did in the first half. The Raiders struggled against the spread look, according to Dorsett.

He may have a point. On their 16-play, 81-yard touchdown drive in the second quarter, the Jets used three-, four- and five-receiver packages on three consecutive plays in the red zone.

Dorsett said the Raiders made adjustments at halftime, deciding to use more man-to-man in the second half. Result: Pennington was 1-for-8 in the third quarter, with an interception and a sack. He threw five straight incompletions, something he had done only once in the regular season.


Telling stat: Perhaps the most telling statistic in the 30-10 loss to the Raiders was the Jets’ inability to stop Oakland on first down. The Raiders had 13 possessions and, on the first play of each series, they gained a total of 163 yards. That’s an average of 12.5 yards per play….Jets’ non-divisional schedule for next season is firm. Home: Giants, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Dallas and Pittsburgh. Away: Washington, Philadelphia, Oakland (yes, again), Houston and Indianapolis.

Final Goodbye to 2002 Season
2003-01-14 12:00:00

The most chilling aspect of the National Football League season is its end. There is a unique finality to it all.

In this case, the players return from a cross country trip, get maybe four hours of sleep, return to the complex, clean their lockers, attend a team meeting, and then meet with the press.

By nighttime, there is eerie silence.

When the Jets did speak Monday, they focused on some of their great seasonal achievements. After an ominous 2-5 start, the Jets earned their second consecutive playoff berth under Herman Edwards and won their first playoff game since the 1998 season.

?If you told me this football team was going to win 20 games, make two playoff appearances in a row, and win a division, they could have given me less money and I would have took it because I know how hard that it is to do,? Herman Edwards said before a packed press-room at Weeb Ewbank Hall.

Tailback Curtis Martin, who ran for over 1,000 yards for an eighth consecutive season despite playing banged up, has repeatedly stated that this was one of his most rewarding seasons. The always-thoughtful Martin had a hard time seeing Gang Green’s run finally come to a close.

?I have been around death a lot in my lifetime, and I kind of felt that way today,? Martin said. ?I can’t equate a game with life, but at the same time, it was just that same emptiness. You try to think about the good things. You try to think about the past times you had, the good memories together.?

Sunday’s loss at Oakland will not be a good offseason memory for New York quarterback Chad Pennington. The 26-year old, first-year starter was uncharacteristically inconsistent in the Jets 30-10 loss and the young quarterback endured a physical beating. Early this week, Pennington was talking about building on this season’s successes.

?This team accomplished a lot this year,? Pennington said. ?To be able to experience all of the adversity and the emotional roller coaster that we went through as a team, we still made some history and we were able to win a division for, what, only the second time in Jets history. We were able to take it another step further in the playoffs from last year. The good thing; I think we have a good group and a good core around us to be able to expect some great things next year too.?

One of the hottest Jets to end this football year was nose tackle Jason Ferguson. Fergie believes the Jets made a statement to the league with their dramatic late rally.

?We know that we aren’t going to go out there and quit,? Ferguson said. ?We have a core group here that won’t give up. We want to get better. We didn’t accomplish everything we wanted to by just getting to the playoffs. I think we made a statement to the league by coming back from 1-4 and 2-5 starts.?

Edwards reminded everyone that only one team will rest comfortably in a few weeks. The Jets are not the only ones who will fall short of their championship dreams.

?There is only one team that has a good year and they show that one guy with the trophy and he says I am going to DisneyWorld,? the second-year coach said. ?Those are the only guys who feel good.?

For the Jets to feel good next year, they may want to stay in New York as long as possible. Home-field advantage in the playoffs makes the difference. Since 1990, hosting teams are now 43-9 in the Divisional Round. And if you still don’t think the regular season matters, just look who remains. The four teams with Championship dreams were the top four seeds entering the playoffs.

?I think there is something with playing home, having that week off, having the rest, getting all of your players healed up going into a playoff game, and realizing that we have to win one game and we’re playing for the Super Bowl,? Martin said. ?Just the mentality of it brings a whole other passion to the game.?

With thoughts of home-field dancing in the Jets’ heads, every member of the organization realizes the team must get off to a better start in 2003.

?I wish we could still be playing,? said Jets defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell. ?Getting off to a better start next year is going to be a key thing.?

And you would think the Jets should jump from the blocks quicker in 2003. A solid foundation has been laid and the club should have most of its core nucleus returning. Perhaps most importantly, the franchise has found their quarterback of the future in Pennington.

?He is going to win more playoff games than he loses,? Edwards said of Pennington, a third-year signal caller from Marshall. ?I will say that? You can write that down. Put that one in stone.?

The final inscription on the Jets season was written late Sunday in Oakland. Now a long offseason begins for a franchise determined to continue its steep on-field progression in a few months.

Pennington struggles against Raiders
Chad Pennington’s passes were sailing high and off target. Or short and low. He still thought he’d lead the New York Jets to another victory.

After all the amazing things Pennington has pulled off this season, he couldn’t do it this time in the Jets’ 30-10 AFC playoff loss to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

“There’s a saying that as the quarterback goes, the team goes,” he said. “I didn’t go today.

“Coming out in the game, I had so much energy I was missing things out in front, missing things high, and I had to calm myself down.”

Pennington had been nearly perfect for more than a month. He had the best passer rating in the NFL, led the Jets to eight wins in 10 games and was brilliant in his playoff debut a week earlier.

He was on top of the world – a 26-year-old quarterback who began the season as the backup for the New York Jets and is now drawing comparisons to Hall of Famer Joe Montana.

Oakland changed all that in a hurry Sunday, frustrating Pennington into four turnovers.

“It’s one of those days,” Pennington said. “I can’t explain it. That’s why it’s so frustrating. I didn’t feel like I was myself out there and I don’t know why.”

The quarterback’s collapse came at the worst possible time.

The Jets hadn’t committed a turnover in their last three games, including a 41-0 victory over Indianapolis in the wild-card round. New York was among the hottest teams in football, and Pennington was the main reason why.

“It’s not Chad’s fault,” said receiver Laveranues Coles, who had 30 of his team’s 183 yards receiving. “It’s not any individual person’s fault. We’ve got to take this together. Chad played a great game. Don’t ask me anything to badmouth Chad. I’m not going to do it.”

Pennington was rattled for the first time in months, and was totally ineffective in the second half.

He lost a fumble in the first quarter, and fumbled again in the fourth. He was picked off in the third by Tory James – his first interception since the Jets’ 26-20 Monday night loss to the Raiders on Dec. 2. He threw another pick early in the fourth. With two interceptions, he matched his total from his 10 previous games.

Pennington also was sacked four times, showing just how vulnerable he is when his offensive line protects poorly.

There were several other times he nearly threw interceptions, too.

His passes were a little off most of the day – some throws were too high, others were well short of his targets. Four-time Pro Bowl cornerback Charles Woodson deflected three passes in his first game back from a leg injury, including one in the end zone.

“I don’t know who made Chad Pennington into Joe Namath. He’s not,” Raiders linebacker Eric Barton said. “Yeah, he got rattled. He got a lot of hats put on him today.”

Pennington finished 21-of-47 passing for 183 yards and a quarterback rating of 44.9.

He came in as the NFL’s highest-rated passer at 104.2, with a league-leading completion percentage of 68.9. Pennington demonstrated great poise in helping the Jets recover from a 1-4 start.

“He probably will tell you he didn’t have one of his better days,” coach Herman Edwards said. “There were a lot of people who didn’t have their better days.”

Minutes before the clock expired, Edwards spoke to Pennington:

“I told him, ‘I’m proud of you. You’re learning a lesson and it’s something you’ll grow from.”‘

Pennington’s amazing season ended in familiar territory for the Jets. New York was eliminated in the wild-card round here last January – and has played in Oakland four times in 53 weeks.

“I’m proud of this team,” Pennington said. “I didn’t play my `A’ game today, but everyone rallied around me.”

Raiders end Jets’ run with 30-10 blowout
The Oakland Raiders found the surest road to the AFC championship game: Stay at home and avoid controversy.
No tuck rule. No snowy night games in New England. Instead, another victory against the New York Jets at the Black Hole.

I think we all owe Chad Pennington and the New York Jets a Standing Ovation! That’s right, a standing ovation.

It hurts to lose a game like that for the Fans. Now take all the built up frustration you’ve had all season. The emotions, the feelings of being so close to the long awaited Super Bowl appearance and then lose. Take all of that, bottle it up from every Jets fan and it wouldn’t even come close to how the Jets players feel right now.

Let the pain go. Take the high road. Don’t put down your Team. These Jets gave us some hope. Not only for this Year, but for many Years to come. I don’t want to hear how anyone choked. I don’t want to hear how Chad did this, or Chad cost us the game. If it wasn’t for Chad, we might be looking at the number 1 pick in April’s Draft.

Chad did have a bad game. I’m sure he’d be the first to admit it. What do you want from a rookie? He played great under some extremely hard situations. He lost Chrebet early, and was forced into passing situations against a fierce Raider defense in deafening surroundings. Chad will be fine. Let him learn and grow from this and he’ll come back even stronger.

This team played on the road against a GREAT Oakland team. No doubt about it. Sure we could have won the game, but Oakland rose to the occasion, played hard on both sides of the ball and outright beat us. No reason to point fingers, they simply outplayed us as a veteran team would in this situation.

So forget the name calling. Forget the shattered dreams for now. The 2002 NY Jets gave us a lot more than we expected a few Months ago, and they gave us the Future.

So try not to trash the Team, our Team on the boards or in public, or at work tomorrow. Get behind them, welcome them at the Airport, let them know what we really think of them. Just remember, as hard as it is on us, you can’t even imagine how hard it is for them. Do you have any idea what they’ve gone through all Year to get to this point?

If you can’t do this, if you can’t let the pain go and back your Team, then maybe you need to find another Team.

Thank you – New York Jets!

10 linee guida per un sito “usabile”
Jakob Nielsen descrive un metodo basato sull’impiego di un insieme predefinito di euristiche – linee guida – come test di utilizzabilità: il compito di chi valuta è quindi identificare le caratteristiche delle interfacce che violano i principi di usabilità.

Nielsen raccomanda le seguenti dieci caratteristiche:

Visibilità dello stato del sistema: è molto importante mantenere gli utenti informati sullo stato delle loro azioni. Il sistema dovrebbe sempre tenere informati in tempo ragionevole gli utenti su quello che succede per mezzo di un feedback.

Corrispondenza tra il sistema ed il mondo reale: è sempre bene conoscere ed utilizzare il linguaggio degli utenti finali. Questo accorgimento assicura una migliore comprensione e memorizzazione dei contenuti a chi visita il sit o ed evita che l’utente interessato ad informazioni esca dal sito senza averle visionate, perché ingannato da una terminologia e da immagini che non riesce ad associare alle informazioni che sta cercando.

Dare all’utenza controllo e libertà: in genere, è bene lasciare agli utenti il controllo sul contenuto informativo del sito, permettendo loro di accedere agevolmente agli argomenti presenti e di navigare tra essi, a seconda delle proprie esigenze. E ‘ fondamentale segnalare i link in modo adeguato, senza ambiguità di significato e posizionandoli nella pagina dove l’utente si aspetta di trovarli rispetto alle pagine precedenti.

Consistenza: è fondamentale riportare in ogni pagina elementi grafici sempre uguali, che riconfermino all’utente il fatto che si sta muovendo all’interno dello stesso sito. Se, ad esempio, passando da una pagina all’altra, gli utenti incontrassero uno stile grafico diverso da quello della pagina appena visitata, sarebbero costretti ad analizzare ogni oggetto presente per verificare se si trovano ancora nello stesso sito (e se sì, in quale settore), o se ne sono usciti per errore.

Prevenzione dall’errore: occorre evitare, di porre l’utente in potenziali situazioni critiche o di errore ed assicurare la possibilità di uscirne tornando alla stato precedente. E ‘ bene segnalare chiaramente in quali pagine conducono i link e cosa vi si troverà, così da non generare false aspettative, poi disilluse, o confusione nella scelta del link da visitare, rendere inoltre sempre disponibili le funzioni per uscire dal programma o per ritornare alla home page.

Riconoscimento più che ricordo: è consigliata la scelta di layout semplici e schematici, per facilitare l’individuazione e la consultazione delle informazioni sulle pagine. E ‘ bene quindi segnalare sempre chiaramente i link, ed altri elementi utili alla navigazione, per evitare che gli utenti debbano “scoprirli” da soli ogni volta che entrano nel sito.

Flessibilità ed efficenza: è bene dare agli utenti la possibilità di una navigazione differenziata all’interno del sito, a seconda della propria esperienza nell’utilizzo del Web e della conoscenza del sito stesso. Gli utenti non esperti, ad esempio, amano essere guidati passo per passo, mentre gli utenti più esperti preferiscono utilizzare scorciatoie, delle quali anche utenti non esperti, man mano che aumenta il loro livello di esperienza, possono usufruire.
Un altro aspetto dell’efficienza è anche il tempo di risposta del sistema alle azioni dell’utente, problema che nelle applicazioni web è tra i più critici. Nei siti web, il tempo massimo di attesa non deve superare i 10 secondi, tempo oltre il quale gli utenti non mantengono più l’attenzione sul dialogo e iniziano a passare ad un altro sito.

Estetica e progettazione minimalista: le pagine di un sito web non dovrebbero contenere elementi irrilevanti o raramente utili. Gli elementi grafici inseriti nelle pagine se troppo colorati, elaborati e di dimensioni troppo grandi rispetto ai testi, rischiano di mettere in secondo piano il contenuto informativo della pagina: gli utenti saranno infatti troppo impegnati ad individuare il significato delle immagini e a cercarne la coerenza con i restanti elementi del sito, per dedicarsi all’analisi dei contenuti informativi delle pagine.

Aiutare gli utenti a riconoscere, diagnosticare ed uscire dalle situazioni di errore: i messaggi di errore dovrebbero indicare con precisione il problema e suggerire una soluzione costruttiva. Ad esempio, qualora l’utente non avesse compilato correttamente uno o più campi a disposizione sulla pagina, il messaggio successivo all’invio dovrebbe segnalargli quali errori sono stati commessi, cosi da permettergli di recuperare con facilità all’invio successivo.

Aiuto e documentazione: è meglio che il sistema si possa usare senza documentazione, ma questa resta necessaria. L’aiuto dovrebbe essere facile da ricercare e focalizzato sulle attività dell’utente, elencare azioni concrete eseguibili e mantenere dimensioni contenute.